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Welcome to British Dragon online

Welcome to new British Dragon home-site. 
The company was completely restructured in beginning of 2015 and has at that time made a new business plan which
includes manufacturing in a new WHOGMP certified factory by all GMP standards and guidelines.British Dragon products
are currently in Phase 2 of clinical trials and once all documentation is finished the first batch of products should be
available in April 2015 British Dragon will initially register its product in several countries worldwide two Asian Countries
two Countries in East Europe and four South American Countries.
In these countries British Dragon Product will be available in pharmacies with doctor's prescription for legal use.



New products will all be equipped with state of the art BD-PSS system which will enable all its customers to identify the
legitimacy and manufacturing information of each individual product online. 
The BD-PSS will work in the following manner: each product will be branded with a unique security code 
known only to the manufacturer - patient will enter this code to our website and the security software will automatically 
verify the PSS code.If BD-PSS recognizes your BD product as not authentic consider it as counterfeit.